• Food industry

Number of members

26 Companies, 6 Academia/ R&D Organizations, 6 Government/ Public Agencies, 18 Banks, training institutes, associations.


The idea of establishment of the AGROFOOD Regional Cluster was born at the beginning of 2011 in the intellectual workshop of ASIMCOV, the Association of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises of Covasna County.

The Regional Cluster of Food Industry and Products – AGROFOOD was created to support the members in developping their management strategies, their brands, the professional training of their personel, harmonization and representation of their interests.

Our aim was to set up a wide partnership to support companies which provide agricultural products, to increase competitivity, where the common knowledge and the innovative skills concentrate on the re-search-development capacities. We have to harmonize in this partnership the interests of the entrepreneurs, the research sector, the local authorities, consulting firms and partner institutions, first in the Carpathian Curve, but also in the national and international cluster associations.

SECTOR: Food manufacturing, agriculture

MAJOR MARKETS: dairy-, meat-, bakery-, mineral water industry, agricultural products

LOCATION: The Region of The Carpathian Arch - ROMANIA


  • development of coherent cluster policies;
  • improving the competitiveness of its members;
  • improving the visibility of its members on national and international markets;
  • supporting the members to access public funding for development;
  • supporting the members for professional training of their personnel;
  • improving partnerships with similar national, regional and european clusters;
  • sharing legislation between its members for a better legal knowledge. 


  • organisation of seminars, workshops, conferences for promoting its members strategies and brands;
  • organisation of seminars, workshops, conferences for building new partnerships and for launching new international cooperation between its members and other similar clusters or organizations;
  • supporting the members in accesing public funds and preparation of business plans, feasibility studies, market research etc,;
  • extension of cluster visibility by signing memberships to different similar regional and european clusters;
  • organisation of training sessions and courses for member’s personnel for improving their professional expertize;
  • organisation of fairs and exhibitions for promoting its members products and brands;
  • participating on B2B and C2C events


Location and contact data

Main Premises

Address:Presei 4.

Postal Code: 52006

City/ Town: Sfantu Gheorghe. Romania

Phone: +40 720 538337



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