Agro-Food-Ind Napoca Cluster Association

Agro-Food-Ind Napoca Cluster Association


  • Food industry

Number of members

33 Companies, 2 Academia/ R&D Organizations, 3 Government/ Public Agencies, plus several farmers, intermediates, consultants processors


Agro-Food-Ind Napoca Cluster is a professional association from the Cluj County created to support the development of the agro-industrial sector of the region.

The cluster priority is to increase the competitiveness of the association itself and of its members individually, both on national and international markets, based on a common development strategy.

The cluster members form together an integrated value chain in the agri-food sector, starting from the input suppliers (consultancy, machineries, software, tools, etc.), continuing with producers (farms, warehouses, etc.) and processors and finishing with storage facilities and sellers. Currently, the Agro-Food-Ind Napoca cluster is involved actively in projects destined to protect, support and promote the local production.

Some of the priority projects at the moment are: the construction of a slaughter house in the county, construction of storage facilities for fruits, vegetables, forest fruits and mushrooms and the improvement of the irrigation system.

The cluster is open, as well, for international collaborations in the agro-industrial area and to partnerships
in European funding programs.


The Agro-Food-Ind Napoca cluster has established 6 main strategic objectives, representing the core of Its activity.

  1. The increase of the sustainable competitiveness of the agri-industrial sector in Transylvania
  2. Encouraging the set-up and/or the development of the associative forms
  3. Integration of producers and/or associative forms into the value chain
  4. The increase of qualitative and quantitative representatives of the cluster
  5. Support the development of local and regional initiatives
  6. Encouraging the research, innovation and technological transfer in the agri-industrial sector

Location and contact data

Main Premises

Address:Criseni street, Dezmir village. FN.

Postal Code: 40703

City/ Town: Cluj-Napoca. Romania

Phone: +40 744 170 222



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