Cluj IT Cluster

Cluj IT Cluster


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Number of members

32 Companies, 3 Academia/ R&D Organizations, 3 Government/ Public Agencies, 5 (Catalyst Organizations, national and international)


With a recognized tradition in information technology and currently acknowledged as a major IT hub in Romania, the city of Cluj has been an appropriate environment for the organic emergence of a IT cluster. Cluj IT was established in 2012 as a catalyst for increasing competitiveness of the Romanian IT sector and for addressing the numerous challenges faced by organizations from this economic sector. Cluj IT Cluster strives to achieve increased competitiveness of the Romanian IT sector, in general, and recognition of Cluj IT brand as leading provider of software solutions from Eastern Europe, in particular, which at their turn will lead to benefits for all cluster entities and for the society at large.

The organization aims at creating a favorable environment for the development and commercialization of innovative, value-added software services and products, through:

  • strong cooperation among members of the cluster,
  • constant exchange of knowledge and ideas,
  • increased public-private partnerships and
  • fostering of research

Cluj IT Cluster also strives towards:

  • Strengthening market position and stimulate exports by shifting the focus from software development and outsourcing towards building innovative products;
  • Build a chain of structures oriented toward a market vertical which allows the development of complex products.
  • Develop instruments that can support efficient processes for resource sharing amongst cluster members.
  • Facilitate financing of R&D projects, either through private investment or private & public partnerships
  • Increase the number of highly skilled human resources by strengthening the collaboration with educational institutions and achieve higher ROI for training activities
  • Increase the involvement of Cluj IT member-companies in large international projects by expanding the network of partners


Cluj IT Cluster offers a wide range of services to its members among which the most important are:

  • Marketing through various events and representation where the most important project is Cluj Innovation Days, an annual event focused on promoting innovation and technological transfer
  • Brokerage platform through regular and exceptional meetings organized by Cluj IT Cluster where academia and businesses come together and explore cooperation opportunities
  • Internationalization through representation at various events (fairs, B2B, conferences) and organization of economic delegations
  • Facilitation for participation in various national and international projects (research, technological transfer, business)
  • Lobby and advocacy for the promotion of the industry through contacts, discussions with and proposals submitted to various policy makers and public authorities
  • Services facilitation through direct negotiations with various providers on the market

Location and contact data

Main Premises

Address:Memorandumului, 28.

Postal Code: 40011

City/ Town: Cluj-Napoca. Romania

Phone: +40 755 122057



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