Association of Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers

Association of Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturers


  • Production and engineering

Number of members

332 Companies, 2 Academia/ R&D Organizations, Government/ Public Agencies, 1 Consultants


Established in 1978, TAYSAD is the sole and most competent representative of the Turkish automotive supplier industry

With 339 members, TAYSAD represents 65% of the output of the automotive supplier industry and 70% of the industry’s exports

80% of TAYSAD’s members operate in the Marmara region; 12% in the Aegean region and 8% in other regions of Turkey

339 TAYSAD members employ more than 140,000 people.

25% of TAYSAD members have foreign partners who hold varying levels of shares

TAYSAD is a member of CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (

TAYSAD is the founding partner of OTAM - Automotive Technologies Research & Development Company.

TAYSAD has a respectable position both within and without the country for domestic and international institutions and carries the reference institution position in the automotive industry product purchases.

TAYSAD is a reference institution in the automotive industry of product purchase

TAYSAD holds ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate.

Vision: To become, by 2023, a sectoral association representative of all companies in Turkey, that supply goods and services directly and indirectly to the automotive industry; a sectoral association which pursues and supports activities increasing the local share in global automotive manufacturing to at least 3%; and a sectoral association which has gained complete public support.

Mission: To provide the environment and conditions for developing the Turkish automotive industry as a whole and making Turkey one of the leading supply centers of the global automotive industry, by supporting its members as a collective organization.

The product range of TAYSAD members covers all sorts of parts except a few items and is sufficiently diversified to support an 85-90% local parts ratio in domestically-produced motor vehicles.

The main product groups manufactured by TAYSAD members operating in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry can be classified as follows:

  • Complete engines and engine parts,
  • Chassis parts and spare parts,
  • Radiators Forged and cast parts,
  • Heating, ventilating & air conditioning systems (HVAC systems)
  • Electrical equipment and illumination systems,
  • Power trains, Batteries,
  • Brake systems and parts,
  • Automobile glass,
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic spare parts,
  • Seats
  • Suspension parts,
  • Design & Engineering services
  • Safety spare parts,
  • Simulation services
  • Foam and rubber parts,
  • Special vehicle production


  • Co-operation with Government: TAYSAD co-operates with government authorities to improve the competitive manufacturing structure of the sector in order to establish automotive supply strategies by considering the global competition.
  • Relationships with OEM Companies: TAYSAD organizes visits to local and global OEM companies to improve relationship with sub-supplier and also organizes Supplier Days & B2B meetings.
  • Member Relations: TAYSAD organizes regional member meetings every year in order to maintain closer relations and creating new projects.
  • Global Markets: TAYSAD concludes collaboration agreements with the relevant sectoral organizations of the potential foreign markets. TAYSAD organizes foreign delegation visits, especially to the new developing areas and markets.
  • Fairs: TAYSAD signs agreements with trade fair organizations in order to provide more appropriate conditions for its members to participate in the domestic and international exhibitons, and also participates in the adequate trade fairs by establishing an info stand to promote and publicize the manufacturing technical capacities of its members.
  • Meetings & Conferences: TAYSAD participates in the domestic and international conferences and meetings concerning automotive industry. TAYSAD organizes meetings and conferences for its members in order to ensure that they adapt to the changing conditions and for giving the latest global information to its members.
  • University-Industry Co-operation: TAYSAD works with the universities, in order to increase cooperation with the industry. TAYSAD promotes the career days and support the internship programmes for the automotive engineering students.
  • Benchmarking Study: TAYSAD provides substantial benefits to the organizations by means of annual “Benchmarking Study” that makes the comparison of its members with respect to other plants in the industry in general and manufacturing processes.
  • Training & Seminars: TAYSAD organizes trainings for its members in order to ensure that they will adapt to the changing conditions. Top themes are Quality, R&D, HR, Finance, Management, Sales & Marketing, Lean Production.
  • Public Relations: TAYSAD publicizes the problems and relevant solution proposals for the domestic and global automotive industry through media.
  • TAYSAD Magazine: TAYSAD publishes “TAYSAD Magazine” every 2 months. Developments in the automotive sector and the future predictions are shared with TAYSAD Magazine.
  • TAYSAD Germany Liaison Office: TAYSAD Germany Liaison Office operates for the macro-level needs of the members. TAYSAD Germany Liaison Office is in Braunschweig-Germany.

Location and contact data

Main Premises

Address:TOSB - TAYSAD Organized Industrial Zone, Kocaeli-TURKEY Cayirova Sekerpinar

Postal Code: 41480

City/ Town: Kocaeli/ Turkey

Phone: +90 262 658 98 18 - +90 262 658 98 22



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