Yalova GARDEN Ornamental Planting Cluster

Yalova GARDEN Ornamental Planting Cluster


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Number of members

44 Companies, - Academia/ R&D Organizations, - Government/ Public Agencies,


Yalova Garden was founded on 28 June 2012 with its 40 partners in Yalova, which is one of the largest ornamental plant producer city in Turkey. All shareholders of the company are producers in the ornamental plant sector and have an average of 45 years of experience in the production.
After its establishment, Yalova Garden prepared a project file and in order to establish a growing and marketing center they applied for the tender to the General Directorate for Agricultural Enterprises for renting 1.541 acres of production land in Yalova for a period of 30 years. Among the projects of other main actors of the sector in Turkey they won the tender on January 21, 2013. According to the project file, the estimated value of the investment is about to 30 million USD and when the company will be fully active, it will have a 1500 + employment capacity.


Purpose of Yalova Garden is to produce, to have them produced, to conduct trading and marketing of ornamental plants, agricultural produces and auxiliary products and materials used for production of thereof.
Within the scope of the cluster, growing of ornamental plants, medical and aromatic plants will be conducted by different methods, namely heated greenhouse, unheated greenhouse, high/low tunnel space, shadowing field, and open area.
Plant types to be produced in the facility are as per below:

  • Potted Plants
  • Shrub-Type Ornamental Plants
  • Seasonal Plants
  • Cloned Parents
  • Big Trees
  • Medical and Aromatic Plants

Location and contact data

Main Premises

Address:Bahçelievler Mahallesi, Gazipaşa Caddesi, Atatürk Tarım İşletmesi No:85/1

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City/ Town: Yalova/ Turkey

Phone: +90 0226 800 02 01

e-mail: info@yalovagarden.com.tr


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