TURISFERA, Cluster Tenerife de Innovación Turística

TURISFERA, Cluster Tenerife de Innovación Turística


  • Sports, Leisure and Tourism

Number of members

21 Companies, 2 Academia/ R&D Organizations, 2 Government/ Public Agencies, 2 Business Associations


TURISFERA the first cluster related to the tourism sector in Tenerife. Emerged in 2010, this innovative business association is created as a collaborative network to innovate with companies, public institutions and the University of La Laguna.

The cluster’s mission is to generate and promote innovative actions in the tourism sector, through creating a tourism companies network to be able to undertake innovative projects, strengthen business models and reinvent unsustainable ones.


TURISFERA is a place for cooperation, sharing visions, analyze trends and provide innovative solutions to tourism companies. Under this initiative we: •

  • Receive and appreciate innovative, sustainable and viable projects which can be driven by the Cluster •
  • Empower our partners projects •
  • Create and develop innovative projects based in partners needs, mainly for demonstration and to serve as a good practices •
  • Advise on aids and grants, in collaboration with others insular innovation institutions •
  • Keep our members informed about events and relevant news related to innovation and applied to the tourism sector •
  • Companies can benefit from the inter‐cluster actions of collaboration that we launch

Location and contact data

Main Premises

Address:C/ Alcalde José Emilio García Gómez, 9, Recinto Ferial

Postal Code: 38004

City/ Town: Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Phone: 696 001 060

e-mail: gerente@turisfera.org


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