AEI Cluster TIC Insignia Empresarial

AEI Cluster TIC Insignia Empresarial


  • ICT

Number of members

14 Companies, 3 Academia/ R&D Organizations, 3 Government/ Public Agencies, 1 Colegio Profesional de Ingenieros Técnicos de Canarias


The Cluster Insignia Business Association is an innovative business group having its own legal personality and creates nonprofit . The general objective is to promote the improvement of technological capabilities and competitiveness through projects and activities based on cooperation and R & D in the field of Information Technology and Communications.
Creating Badge Company was motivated by the need to collaborate to compete and the conviction that the ideal model is a business association with openness and willingness to include all those actors Science - Technology - Innovation willing to collaborate and join for competitive advantage and prosperity thinking of business activities related to the sectors mentioned, both regionally and outside.
Competitiveness is a key to guarantee the survival of companies in a globalized environment factor. Although this survival seemed forbidden for a number of small and medium enterprises that lacked sufficient size to operate in global markets, the results of certain studies and success of certain experiences have returned to their place among SMEs organizations capable of competing with success in a global market.
Company logo will increase the commercia, technological and financial capacity by developing networking capabilities to serve for the set and for each of them in particular. The creation of inter- network as Corporate Insignia represents a unique opportunity for the consolidation and growth of your business network, since it can provide basic ingredients, as a collective, each alone could not build or acquire.
Corporate Insignia also improve tangible resources ( physical and financial ), intangible (technology, reputation and culture) and human (knowledge and specialized skills, abilities and motivation) of associated companies, and render more effective cooperation between these resources to companies effectively acometan activity. To achieve this objective must be that the resources and capabilities of its members act as distinctive competencie , making them durable, complementary to each other in the generation of value , and engaged in strategic factors.


  • Promote entrepreneurship society
  • Encourage the creation of new businesses and business growth
  • Increasing the innovative capacity and knowledge transfer
  • To promote the internationalization-Increase investment in R + D + i
  • Channeling proposals to regional, national and European programs
  • Boost from Canary innovative projects in the ITC industry
  • Facilitate partnerships intercluster
  • Accompany on the internationalization of the associated companies

Location and contact data

Main Premises

Address:C/ Lapilli. Centro de Cooperación e Innovación Empresarial (COIE)

Postal Code: 38109

City/ Town: La Laguna

Phone: 922642072



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