Asociación Clúster Canario del Transporte y La Logística

Asociación Clúster Canario del Transporte y La Logística


  • Transportation and mobility

Number of members

28 Companies, 5 Academia/ R&D Organizations, 0 Government/ Public Agencies,


The Canary Cluster of Transport and Logistics (CCTL) was created in December 2008 as a result of a long experience and dynamic collaboration lasted more than five years among several actors of the transport and logistics sector in the Archipelago. The cluster include as its members 28 enterprises (of which three are big companies while the others are SMEs working as producers, distributors and transport service providers) and the two Universities ‘University of La Laguna’s Regional Development Institute’ and ‘University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’. The public administration supports the cluster both institutionally and financially: even if the collaboration between the clusters’ members dates back to many years ago, the legal establishment of the cluster, as well as its professionalization in terms of setting up a cluster management team, is more recent and has been launched following a call of proposals issued by the regional government.

The industrial members of the cluster offer more than 2.000 jobs only in the island of Tenerife and around 1.000 in the island of Gran Canaria. The establishment of CCTL enables relationships between industrial and scientific members, and thus seeks to improve the competitiveness of the transport and logistics sector by enhancing the cooperation among all the members representing the whole supply chain, i.e. producers, buyers, suppliers, educational and research institutions, authorities. Research and innovation activities should be enhanced and the transfer of knowledge among the members of the cluster and with other entities at Spanish and European level facilitated.


  • Development and management of innovation projects
  • Information about support activities and funding of R & D & i.
  • Organization of meetings, seminars and other promotional, informative and educational events in the field of transport and logistics and innovation.
  • Search contacts and regional, national and international projects and business partners.
  • Administrative and financial management.
  • Technology surveillance in the field of transport and logistics, as well as complementary activities relevant to the development of the sector, all aimed at achieving the provision of comprehensive and accessible R & D in the field of logistics and transportation information.
  • Support for internationalization.

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City/ Town: San Cristóbal de La Laguna

Phone: 922 311577

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