Molise has a total surface of 4,483 km2 and a population of 321,953 inhabitants. It is the second smallest region in Italy. Population density is among the lowest in Italy with 72.6 inhabitants/ km2, (59 inhabitants/km2 in the province of Isernia and 80 inhabitants/ km2 in the province of Campobasso), while the national average is 194 inhabitants/ km2. The territory is mainly mountainous (55.3 % of the total regional surface), while the remaining 44.7% is hilly.


Agriculture, involving small and micro holdings, is currently offering high-quality products. The agricultural holdings produce meat, wine, cereals, olive oil, vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

Though there is a large FIAT plant in Termoli and several FIAT suppliers companies located in both provinces, the industrial sector is dominated by the Construction industry with small and medium-sized farms spread widely throughout the region. Textile was one of main industry sector of the whole Region, with more than hundreds companies working in this filed, producing for World Wide Famous Brands, unfortunately, after the International Crisis of 2008 and forward, this sector suffered a strong decline.  Another important industry is food processing, one of the most active district is the pasta one, located in the Province of Campobasso, where are located several national and international Pasta Producers Companies; other food industries are: meat (mainly chicken meat processing), milk products, oil and wine.

In the services sector the most important industries are Distribution, Health, Hotels and Catering, followed by Transport and Communications. With few exceptions, in all sectors firms are small, and this explains the difficulties encountered when marketing products on a national scale.

A strong point of the regional economy is the level of internationalization with an export and import cover rate which is more than double than the national average. The 47% of export concerns textiles and clothing, 21% chemicals and synthetic and artificial fibers, 15% plastic and rubber products, and 8% food, beverages and tobacco.


  • Support for National and EU Policies, EU Programs
  • Support Office for Businesses
  • Supervision and Control of Mining Activities
  • Relations and Support to Consortia for Industrial Development - Implementation Programs
  • SMEs Development
  • Mineral and Thermal Waters Control
  • Internalization of SMEs and territorial marketing

Location and contact data

Economic Development Dept.

Address:C.da Colle delle Api

Postal Code: 86100

City/ Town: Campobasso - ITALY

Phone: (+39) 0874.4291

e-mail: regionemolise@cert.regione.molise.it

Bruxelles Office

Address:Rue De Tolouse, 47

Postal Code: B1040

City/ Town: Bruxelles – Belgium