The project aims at:

  • Strengthening the knowledge at regional level on how to use the benchmarking tool for assessing the performance of cluster management and on how to assist cluster managers
  • Supporting 26 clusters in acquiring the bronze label and at least 1 cluster in achieving the gold label of excellence
  • Training 15 officers of regional development agencies and regional government in charge of cluster policies on how to benchmark clusters performances and how to assist cluster managers and provide them high quality services
  • Training 12 cluster managers (3 from Canary Islands, 3 from East Marmara, 3 from Molise, 3 from North-West Romania) on specific issues
  • Facilitating the exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge between regional authorities and clusters from different EU countries
  • Creating solid foundation for the exploitation and continuation of projects results at local, national and European levels through the provision of effective dissemination and sustainability actions