Each region participating in ClustArs will launch a pilot Competitiveness Reinforcement Initiative. The  objective  of  the  Field  Projects  also  called   Competitiveness  Reinforcement  Initiatives  (CRI)  is  to  reinforce  the  competitiveness  of  the  companies  of  a cluster, considering a cluster as a geographic concentration of interconnected companies and institutions in a particular field, not being necessary the existence of a formal cluster organization.

This initiatives  will  also  improve  the  communication between  public  institutions  and  companies,  allowing  them  to  reach  a  common  understanding about the cluster’s  competitiveness  situation  and  consensus  on  actions  lines  to  foster  it.  

A standard Field Project lasts around 7-8 months. The project is structured in three phases: identification of challenges, guiding the strategy and launching of actions. At the end of each phase, the main results are presented to all cluster members in a public event.

The original information about each initiative is available only in the respective national languages, but you can access the automated google translation into English.

Competitiveness Reinforcement Initiatives Website Google Translation
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